Basement Waterproofing

You should not settle for a wet, damp, and leaky basement. And you should not have to experience each rain storm with dread, bracing repeatedly for basement flooding.  It can be different.

At Little Corner Construction, we have the expertise to identify the causes of water entry and offer lasting solutions to prevent leaks and flooding. 

There are many ways that water finds its way into your basement.  The water can damage your belongings, cause mold, mildew and rot, and lead to serious issues with your home’s foundation. Luckily, we can help with our full array of basement waterproofing services.

From our reliable sump pump systems, to epoxy wall coating service and basement dehumidifiers, we are here to help.

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Interior Water Management System:
To install a basement waterproofing system, our process involves first carefully removing a portion of the concrete floor slab. We dig a trench sloped toward an identified drainage point.  We drill weep holes into the concrete blocks for drainage.  We install the waterproofing membrane on the interior wall.  We install the drainage pipe in the trench next to the footing.  The water is directed to a sump basin and then is pumped out of the home with a sump pump. And then we re-pour the area of concrete floor slab that was initially removed.


Exterior Water Management System:
The exterior water management system consists of installing a membrane or sheeting to the outside of the foundation. This system diverts the water down the wall and to a French Drain that leads the water away from the house.